Activateen speakers are business leaders, subject matter experts, and teachers. They are passionate about what they do, and this is reflected in the time they dedicate towards coaching and mentorship.

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    Dr Kavitha Chinnaiyan

    Cardiologist, Author, Teacher


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    Dr Sumit Kesarkar

    Founder, NLAM, Ayurvedic Physician, Teacher

    National Library of Ayurveda Medicine

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    Amrish Chaubal

    Partner Ecosystem Leader


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    Basell Saleh

    PHD Student

    University of Texas at Austin

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    Carolee Mitchell

    Strategic Solutions Consultant


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    Casey Galindo

    VP, Campus Program Manager,

    Wells Fargo

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    CJ Jois

    Chief Technology Officer

    Fulcrum Digital

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    Dana Zoch

    Strategic Planning Consultant

    Wells Fargo

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    David Conover

    Learning Experience Designer

    Connally High School

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    Emile Kowalski

    Design Engineer, IBM

    Activateen Board Member

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    Felipe Tremino

    Computer Science Educator

    Austin Independent School

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    Shenal Arimilli

    Transformational Mentor

    Shenal Arimilli

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    Kristin Spindler

    Business Professor

    Concordia University

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    Liz Keever

    Leadership Coach

    Sound Leadership

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    Lynden Rosier

    Computer Science Teacher

    Westlake High School

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    Michael Pazienza

    Co-founder & CEO


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    Noah Rippner

    Data Scientist

    Data World

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    Simi Jois

    Professional Photographer

    Simi Jois Photography

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    Susannah Kirksey

    Executive Coach

    Kirksey & Co

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    Kathleen Zuelch

    Animation Producer