Simply to make yourself understood and be able to understand others is one of the most challenging skills in life. It's also one that is never mastered. As we grow... (show more)and create relationships with others, we need to continue to evolve our communication skills. Our relationships with our classmates, colleagues, friends and families all depend on how well we are able to listen and express ourselves. Communication skills are often taken for granted rather than being intentionally developed which leaves many people struggling for years in both their personal and professional lives. (show less)

What is Self Study?

Self Study provides an opportunity for self paced learning, so that students can access information at their own convenience. All our self study courses are available at a discounted pricing on our learning management platform.

In today's workplace, understanding the power of visual media is a useful skill whether you are applying for a job, creating a presentation, working on your hobby or even starting your own business.
Unmanned Aircraft Systems come in various sizes. They are also known as Drones. The use cases for these devices are expanding exponentially. They are growing in... (show more)number and are also the subject of new regulations. They also are providing promise to new forms of aviation. They are inevitably a part of our future. (show less)
Starting a website can be scary and a little confusing. So much information, so many choices and limited budget. Let us show you some easy hacks to get started and build your own website using WordPress.
Videos are one of the most efficient ways to get your story or point across! Learning the basics of editing video is as important in the Digital Media Age as formatting your written word... (show more).It is easy to lose your credibility if you create a video that lacks basic formatting, the same way a writer may lose credibility if their grammar is off. (show less)