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Activateen Community Chats features a new guest every episode. Each episode covers a hot topic with experts and leaders of different ages and backgrounds. We cover everything from emerging technologies, career advice , life skills, social awareness and well being.

What differentiates us is that we prioritise and highlight youth voices.


with Nancy Giordano, Strategic Futurist

We join strategic futurist Nancy Giordano, senior at Westlake High School Harper Giordano, and UT Austin graduate Santiago Castellanos in a conversation on how to navigate the present and stay optimistic about the future.

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with Shenal Amirilli, Transformational Consultant

We talked to transformational consultant Shenal Arimilli, junior at UC San Diego Amaya Mali, and UT Austin graduate Santiago Castellanos about the inner battles we fight every day in our quest to find our self-confidence and project it out into the world.

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