ActivaTeen Waiver Form

Waiver Form 2020

  • Participation Agreement: I, as parent or legal guardian of the minor participant, a minor (hereinafter “Minor”) give permission to participate in the Activateen Online Workshops. I agree that my Minor will abide by all rules and regulations adopted and published by the administration relating to the operation and conduct of the program. I understand that the failure of my Minor to observe these rules and regulations may result in his/ her/their exclusion from participation in the program and a forfeit of all registration fees paid to the program.

    For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, I, as parent or legal guardian of the minor participant, a minor (hereinafter “Minor”), hereby grant the permission necessary to allow Minor to participate in this virtual workshop, to be conducted by Activateen. I, in my own behalf and on behalf of the Minor, further agree to release and to hold harmless Activateen, Activateen’s corporate sponsors (hereinafter “Sponsors”), the online platform through which the Event is being conducted (hereinafter the "Location"), the affiliates of Activateen, and the respective directors, officers, representatives, members, agents and employees (hereinafter “Releasees”) from any and all liability, whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise for any claim, judgment, loss, liability, cost and expenses (including, without limitations, attorney's fees and costs) arising out of or connected with the Event, including any claim arising out of or connected with any illness or injury (minimal, serious, catastrophic and/or death) that minor may incur or sustain during the Event.

    I further expressly agree to indemnify and hold harmless Activateen staff, teachers, heirs, successors, assigns, executors and administrators against loss from any further claims, demands or actions that may subsequently be brought by Minor or by any other persons on the account of damages of any character resulting to Minor in any way from the foregoing activities.

  • Informed Consent and Acknowledgement

  • I choose to have my Minor participate at the Activateen Online Workshops. I acknowledge that I understand the nature of the activities my child will be participating in.

    I/we agree to release and hold harmless Activateen, including administrators, teachers, board, staff members, sponsors, platform from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future.

    I/we understand that my child will be online with other participants and agree to release and hold harmless Activateen, including administrators, teachers and staff members from any liability.

    I hereby state that I have carefully read the above waiver. Acceptance and understanding of this agreement are hereby acknowledged.

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  • License, Film, Social Media and Photography Waiver

  • Activateen will arrange to have select classes photographed and or filmed for marketing, promotional and instructional purposes. Photographs may be used in print and digital platforms for brochures, Activateen’s website and social media channels, and other promotional materials produced, used by, and representing the Activateen Workshops. It is understood that the circulation of the materials could be worldwide and that there would be no compensation for this use. By granting permission for use of photographs and videos, families will release and agree to hold harmless the producers or any persons or entities acting under their permission or authority from any liability arising from use of said reproduction.

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  • FERPA Disclosure and Acknowledgement

  • Activateen Inc at this time, does not participate in Title IV or accept Federal funds for tuition so therefore it does not mandate that it adhere to FERPA standards, however; respects the privacy of its student, their parents, and legal guardians, therefore, we will not release any student information to anyone other than staff, faculty or administrators without the express written consent of the parent or legal guardian. For more information, please refer to:

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  • Signature

  • With our signatories, we hereby understand, acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions set forth herein.