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Activateen announces 2020 Summer Programs


We are nearly half way through 2020 and it has been a disruptive year with constant change. We have had schools moving online, teachers teaching in digital classrooms, students having to adapt to virtual learning, administrators working on ramping up an entire district and parents having to home school their younger children.

Now that summer is here for many students, the big concern is summer slide.

This, however, is a good time for students to learn essential skills. Activateen is launching a series of interactive workshops for teens and college students around critical career, tech and life skills.

Our soft launch in May was around wellness. In this workshop, we explored why health is more than the way our body looks and how with an integrated practice of a regulated diet and good habits can rewire us for greater productivity, mental agility and physical prowess.

Our June Programs

In June, we have wonderful guest speakers who will cover the basics of effective communications, the essentials of building a good website, the art of visual media, to the fascinating world of unassisted flying systems also known as “drones”.

More Summer Programs Planned for July and August

In July, we will continue to explore other key career and business skills including how to work with LinkedIn, understand the crowded world of video, learn to parse through the jargon around emerging technologies. We also have an exciting talk with the authors of a new book on resilience.

We then move into August and learn how to take the bite out of Python in a week long workshop.

Let’s face it, Generation Z are digital natives. They intuitively know how to work with tech tools, apps and platforms. But this is not about gadgetry, it is about the “why” that leads into the “how”

The best part about our intro workshops is that we focus on the collaborative nature of learning. All our classes are live online and highly interactive with speakers who are experts at what they do and better still, who love what they do.

Activateen was formed as a non-profit and our mission is to bring programs that provide a useful toolkit of practical skills.

As our programs are taught are highly interactive, we have a kept a lid on the registration numbers and kept our fees affordable. As always, during these times of economic turbulence, students who need scholarships can email Shaku Selvakumar at

Here’s to learning, growing and finding ways to thrive together!