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Activateen provides programs that focus on essential career, tech and life skills for teens and college students. These workshops are taught by highly respected teachers and industry experts and help students gain useful knowledge around technologies, trends, tools and teamwork.

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Generation ZWorkForce
May 21, 2018

The A-Team Rules : an interview with bestselling author, Whitney Johnson

An interview with leading author, thinker and advisor, Whitney Johnson, on her latest book, Build an A-Team. Learning, curiosity, engagement are lifelong skills that help us…
artificial intelligenceGeneration ZWorkForce
May 8, 2018

Face the Future by Preparing in the Present

Working in an AI startup for the last five years gave me a glimpse into new workforce trends. The skills that we were looking for,…
digitalFood for thoughtGeneration ZWorkForce
May 6, 2018

Dare to Disrupt (once again)

How ActivaTeen came to be This post was originally written by me for LinkedIn last December, 2017.  Change and I are friends. Not best buddies though.…